The Importance of Social Presence

There are two sides to every story, the same holds true for social media.  I previously discussed potential problems you may face when it comes to social media, like how posting inappropriate photos or comments can lead to losing your job.  It is important to note and realize how social media can and does prevent lawsuits and allows complaints complaints to be resolved quickly.

If a company is non-existent online and they are unaware of a customer’s anger or problem with a product or service, they cannot make it better.  There are many companies who do not have a presence in the cyber world, and this only hurts them and their relationship with the customers.  Companies like Advil who has a presence on social sites has benefited greatly because of this.  Not only do these sites allow customers to contact the company with their concerns but it can also prevent lawsuits, like when a man noticed that the warnings on an Advil bottle were easily mistaken for the directions.  Social media outlets allowed this customer to easily notify Advil before mass lawsuits were filed for people having “three or more alcoholic drinks every day while using this product.”

In 2008, 93% of Americans believed that companies should have a social media site presence and that said companies should interact with their customers with these mediums.  (2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study)  Today, I am confident that 100% of Americans would agree that companies should not only have, but actively utilize their social media presence to help attract and retain customers.  Not only are sites such as Facebook and Twitter a form of free marketing but also a means of convenient two way communication between consumer and company to help prevent larger problems in the future.



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