Reason for Termination: Facebook

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Have you ever written a status update about your employer?  Complained about work, a colleague or the company name in general online?  This could potentially be career ending for individuals who may just be having a bad day.  There are a number of top stories of individuals who have found themselves unemployed and in the middle of a lawsuit because of that one negative post.

Recently, an EMT was fired after posting a negative comment about her supervisor on Facebook.  According to Julie Gottlieb’s article EMT Fired Over Facebook Post, The American Medical Response of Connecticut (AMRC) implemented a social media policy that did not allow employees to post anything on the internet containing the AMRC name without permission, regardless of the content.

Similarly, a waitress in North Carolina was fired after posting her negative opinion of her shift on Facebook.  Although no names were mentioned in her post, her employer let her go for violating a “company policy banning workers from speaking disparagingly about customers and casting the restaurant in a bad light on a social network.”  (Waitress Fired Over Facebook Status).  These are just two of the many who have been fired for what they felt like sharing online.  Some other examples include employees calling in sick and then surfing Facebook and for creating inappropriate Facebook groups: Fired Over Facebook: 13 Posts That Got People Canned.

Today it is necessary to implement a social media policy in every workplace.  This will enable protection for both the employer and the employee if an accusation or violation occurs.  As an employer, it is always important to take every precaution to protect the company, instituting a social media policy is the first step to adapt to this social media world we are living in.


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