Think before you Tweet!

Do you really think about every single status update you post on Facebook?  Do you ever think of the consequences of a Tweet?  Five years ago, a juror would never have been asked “have you ever commented on a blog?”  Attorneys are beginning to realize that possible jurors who have blogged could potentially be biased towards specific cases or details of a case.

According to Benish Shah, Esq. and Sheheryar Sardar, Esq. in their recent blog post: Jurors: Have you commented on a blog? “If a possible juror admits to having commented on a news story a violent crime, it raises a red flag for an attorney and allows them to probe more.”  These are important things to think about and remember when you are about to comment on a local news story or any blog in general.

I have already seen a change in the way attorneys collect information in the short five years that I have been working in a law firm.  I have been exposed to a number of cases where Myspace and Facebook posts and photos have been put into evidence and made a case for us.  This is happening all over and more and more everyday.

Whether you have blogged or even commented on a blog, it can and will affect your future.  It is always important to be conscious of what you put out into the cyber world, remember that nothing online is deletable.  Hopefully after reading this you will think a bit more before you actually hit that Share and or Post button.


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